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1.R&D Minister : 2

Mechanical expertise,at least 5 years experience in technology management; Familiar with the product development process and product standards;Can use design software of pro/E Auto CAD;Have good development plan,innovation ability,project management skills and teamwork spirit.

2.Process Engineer;5
3.R&D Engineer:5
4.Electrical Designer:2
5.Standardization Engineer:2
6.Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer:5
College education above;Mechanical major;At least 3 years experience;Familiar with vehicle knowledge and relevant skills
8.Workshop Director:4
Undergraduate education,at least 5 years experience in production management,more than 2 years experience in team management,age 30-40;Have strong problem solving ability and communication ability.

9.Equipment Supervisor:2
College education above;Mechanical or related major,age 25-35,at least 3 equipment manufacturing management experience.
10.Quality Engineer:1
College education above,familiar with the process control,at least 3 years experience,

11.System Engineer: 2
College education above,familiar with file writing,who has OIA certificate is Priority.
12.Supplier Engineer:2
College education above,at least 3 years experience in Production-oriented enterprises.Have test factory experience.Be able to identify the images,resolving ability.
13.Production Management Reserve Cadres
Undergraduate education;Mechanical or related major,age 28-35,at least 3 years experience,

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